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Cardio OR Weights?

Cardio OR Weights?
10 Dec

collect cymbalta cost Which comes first, cardio or weights? It really comes down to what your goals really are and what your focus on training is for that day. The first step is deciding what you want to accomplish, and then planning your training to fit that goal.

Common Workout Goals

For any of the above, your workout plan should include some type of weight training. On most workout days this should be the focus and should come first.

Most fitness goals would greatly benefit from weight training. The reasoning being that you want to use the bulk of energy on pushing through weights and spend the rest of the time on cardio vascular exercises. This ensures that you are not fatigued and can put all your focus into adding precious muscle. Keep in mind that you cannot tone a body with little muscle mass.

If your workout goal is more cardio based, for example if you want to run a half marathon, then doing cardio will be the main focus and should come first. Doing weights before long runs will cause you to go into them fatigued. If you want to incorporate weights in your training, do it on non-long running days or on days you do not run at all.

It is strongly recommended that your follow a thorough and prescribed workout plan. Doing so will help you to accomplish your fitness goals faster. Getting your workout done is so much easier when you can mentally prepare for what you have to conquer during your training session.

The mistake many make is to not see the importance of resistance training. This leads to countless hours on the hamster wheels of fitness – the treadmill, elliptical, and exercise bike. It is true cardio equipment can be beneficial but most fat loss will be done once muscle building starts. The hamster wheels require no thought, they only require that you start the machine and move. This works for some, but for those looking to successfully reconfigure their body composition – hit the weights. Weights do not make you bulky unless that is your goal and it will not occur unintended.

So which should come first? MOST of the time weights come first but train according to your goal.



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