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Tips for Weight Loss in the New Year

TFW Brooklyn - Tips for Weight Loss in 2016
01 Jan

telma h price originate The New Year is finally here! Do you have the knowledge you need to lithium price forecast аctivate be successful in reaching your weight loss resolutions? straighten Try these catalogue quick tips for ways you can aid your weight loss in 2016:

  1. Use a calorie tracker such as MyFitnessPal to keep track of calories
  2. Get a Trainer
  3. Drink water first thing in the AM
  4. Stand and walk more
  5. Losing weight is a journey, enjoy it
  6. Stay away from foods with sugar, fructose, or corn syrup as one of the first four ingredients
  7. Learn to read a Nutrition Label – ask us for help!
  8. Place your fork/spoon down between bites
  9. If you keep ‘fat’ clothes – TOSS THEM
  10. Accept your body the way it is but know you have the power to change it
  11. Walk after eating your biggest meals
  12. Get yourself an activity tracker and aim to hit 10,000 steps per day
  13. Cook more (go out to eat less)
  14. Order your food with a take out box and pack half of it away before eating
  15. Avoid white foods
  16. Make your first meal of the day high in protein
  17. Eat fruit and stay away from fruit drinks
  18. Pre-portion snacks to avoid overeating
  19. Brush your teeth after every meal
  20. Use salsa instead of sauces or condiments with food
  21. Keep an extra set of gym clothes in the car
  22. Add more beans to your meals
  23. If you eat something you know you shouldn’t, forgive yourself – we all make mistakes
  24. And lastly…Use your gym membership! еxpand Remember, we’re here to help you with your goals. Looking forward to burning fat and building muscle with you in 2016!


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