Join PopFit Kids and TFW Brooklyn for fun-filled adventures of fitness programming, sports activities, creative arts, group games and more throughout Summer 2021! 

July 12th - August 6th, 2021


Note: All program sessions will run outdoors except in the case of inclement weather. In the case of a weather cancellation, a make-up day will be provided.

Ages 6-8
M,W,F 9:00am-9:50am

FUNctional Fitness

Whether a junior athlete or someone who just loves to get moving- this class will keep kids active in a fun engaging way while they improve coordination, increase speed, build stamina, and develop strength. Kids will perform a variety of high-energy drills, innovative circuit stations, fun fitness games and more including balancing on the BOSU, shuffling through the agility ladder, building on body weight activities and of course a proper stretch & cool down. Participating children learn ways to parlay the PopFit class fundamentals into other areas of sports and healthy activity and our program format enables them to excel from class to class so that each skill-building activity works toward a proper fitness foundation.

PopFit Kids Extreme

Kids will perform high intensity training intervals combined with a variety of conditioning drills. Whether you are an athlete or just want to train like one, this program will improve coordination, increase speed, build stamina and develop power. This class is a fun, fast-paced workout including proper utilization of the BOSU(R) Sport for balance and stability building and a dynamic cool down that will lengthen those hard worked muscles and strengthen the core.

Ages 8-12
M,W,F 10:00am-10:50am