‚ÄčThis tends to be treated like an evil word because no one seems to have enough of it. However, if we actually looked at how we are all spending our time, ‚ÄčI am sure we would find that most of it is spent wasted. So the question worth considering as we approach this new year is, what is deserving our of quality time?

For the most part, training and fitness is important, however, so very few people make the time in their day to put their health forward. At TFW Brooklyn, all we ask is that you invest with us 4 days a week, for just an hour a day. Now if that seems like a lot of your quality time wasted, consider this: 1 hour is literally only 4% of your day, and it all goes towards bettering you and your overall lifestyle.

So before 2017 arrives, take a little time inventory, and decide how you can manage your time to benefit you in the long-run instead of going to waste. Like money, invest in yourself by putting aside time to meal prep, train, meditate or read. These personal investments, give back to you in the long run, making you better holistically whereas television, social media and even negative people simply take what is rightfully yours.

Coach Cathy
TFW Brooklyn

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