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I never really enjoyed training or exercise. After watching my sister Linda having huge success with her training program I decided to give TFW Brooklyn a try. It was hard at first but the coaches and fellow students kept me going. Great motivation in every class. The above transformation shows a weight loss but it also shows a happier version of me.


I had been a student at TFW Brooklyn in the past, but had to leave, it was a decent commute both ways. I started gaining weight and lost all control. I searched for something like it joining different programs and there was nothing like what TFW Brooklyn gave me. I made a decision one day in December of 2016 to return and hit Coach Cathy up for some motivation.

ALL I can say if that was one of the best decisions I ever made. That picture tells a story.


Looking back at pictures I shocked myself!! I knew I changed but I didn't think that I changed that much! I don't know exactly how much weight I actually lost but numbers on a scale aren't everything. Feeling great, looking great and being healthy are more important. At TFW the coaches are great, motivating and supportive. The students are so different and diverse you wouldn't think they have anything in common, but they do "we are all on the same mission. So I urge you to give this great program a try. It changed my LIFE. Hallussa.

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