The core of our Youth Training Program is to help your kids build good habits around health and wellness. It’s about teaching your kids what they CAN do, building confidence, endurance, and both physical and mental strength through movement, team building, and FUN

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APRIL 19th - May 14th


For all skill levels. In our bootcamp sessions we'll use battle ropes, medicine balls, ladders, sports equipment, etc. led by certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches!

Strength Training

Your kids will learn the foundations of weight lifting with proper form and how to safely use equipment, while building strength and confidence along the way


After expending their energy during their workouts, each week your kids will practice slowing down their mind and body with our certified Yoga Instructor

team building

All of our sessions fully encompass building relationships with other members! They'll get to work together in lifting, bootcamps, and activities, all while safely social distancing

I can relate, global pandemic aside

As a mother myself (of 3 grown kids now), I can only imagine what it’s like to be raising teens during a pandemic. From sports being on pause, to after school programs cancelled, to full-blown virtual learning at home, our youth are — for one — bored. But from talking to parents over the past few months, beyond their kids being bored and driving the parents a little bit nuts, it’s also taking a toll on their kids mental health.

I can relate, global pandemic aside.

My daughter and I are here to help, and we’re so excited to offer an all-encompassing 4 Week Youth Training Program.

— Cathy LaCognata, CEO of TFW Brooklyn


  • For all genders, ages 12-17
  • 3 Training Sessions per week (1 hour long) + 2 Bonus Sessions
  • Strength training (learning to lift weights properly and safely!)
  • Fun bootcamp style workouts (for ALL levels)
  • Yoga (learn to slow down your mind and body)
  • Team building activities allowing them to build connections with other members
  • 2 BONUS Bring-A-Friend Saturday Sessions (bring a friend for free for a workout)
  • Program is capped at 15 members to provide individual attention and to enforce social distancing

4:00pm | Mondays, wednesdays, fridays

Got Questions? Email us at tfwbrooklyn@gmail.com!


Discounts available for current TFW Brooklyn Members and for multiple members in the same household.
If you’re signing up multiple kids or are a current TFW member, please email us at tfwbrooklyn@gmail.com!

4 week | Youth
training program

$30 OFF for each additional person in the same household. If you're signing up multiple people, please email us at tfwbrooklyn@gmail.com!


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TFW brooklyn
Member Discount

If you are currently a TFW Member, your child gets $30 OFF regular price (and $30 off per additional child). Your discount code is in an email from us!


/each for 1 person


/each for 2 people
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/each for 3 people
(same household)


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Not always a fitness person, most of my life I struggled with weight. Being a mom of three children, my health was always put on the back burner. I turned things around years ago and never looked back. I can truly say that “I’ve been there” and it’s never too late to start. Bringing Youth Training back to TFW Brooklyn is something I've wanted to do for while now, and I've never seen more of a need for it than right now.

Cathy LaCognata

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Growing up playing sports teaches you a lot of things; teamwork, respect, dedication, leadership, competitiveness, discipline. But it can inadvertently teach you to care more about your own success than the team’s. It took becoming a Coach at TFW Brooklyn and immersing myself in the culture to realize that it’s all about playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back. My intention is to make everyone who walks through our doors feel like they’re on a team here, even, and especially, if they’ve never been part of a team before.

Megan LaCognata

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.12.10 PM

I’m a recent graduate from Marist College where I started teaching yoga in order to help people deal with stress in a healthy way. My goal is to encourage people to feel comfortable in their bodies. Yoga can sometimes be challenging but, just like training, is all about your inner dialogue. I want people to know that the true definition of yoga is “to calm the fluctuations of the mind” and that it’s not about flexibility.

Grace Dolan