We’re not a traditional gym. We take the discomfort, insecurity and guesswork out of joining a gym by offering quality training programs in a class setting. We promote consistency in training and in life, while providing a supportive, positive and fun training environment.

This is a place you come to, to reach the goals you thought you had, but also end up reaching the goals you never knew you had. You may come in on your first day feeling unsure, scared, and intimidated, but I promise you after just a short while you will feel empowered, confident, and stronger than ever.
Diversity is respected. We all come in different sizes, ages and shapes with the common goal to get healthy, be healthy, stay healthy. One very important concept I learned from Going to TFW- I no longer want “the perfect body," I already have one and it gets stronger every day! Try this place . They will lift you up!
TFW Brooklyn is exactly what I needed after being in this pandemic for so long. It is more than just a gym, it’s a team and family. Such a great balance of training. Coach Cathy treats you like family from the second you walk in... she motivates, pushes and gives tough love when needed.


The Training For Warriors system is a physical and mental training program. TFW encompasses detailed warmups, strength training, endurance training, speed training, flexibility work and nutrition.


You’re never alone here. Our coaches are here for guidance and support, to correct and teach proper form, and to answer any questions you have. Our coaches are your biggest cheerleaders!


Feel comfortable and supported in our inclusive + diverse environment. We’re a family, and you’re part of it from the moment you walk through our doors. This becomes your home away from home, where we cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s successes.
2100 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11234 Tfwbrooklyn@gmail.com Text or Call us at 917-456-9263

Membership Options

Group Training Membership

Unlimited Classes throughout the month (one class per day)

Autopay, billed bi-weekly

Paid month to month

20 Class Pack

Access to 20 classes of your choice over the course of 6 months. Great for those who have limited free days to come to class

*Expires after 6 months

10 Class Pack

Access to 10 classes of your choice over the course of 4 months. Great for those who have limited free days to come to class

*Expires after 4 months

Drop-in Class

Feel free to drop-in to a class, only valid for our Metabolic Classes (labeled Hurricane, Energy on schedule)


Group Training Membership

  • Our Group Training Membership includes the TFW Training Program comprised of weight training and HIIT training, led by a Coach for the entire session. Group Training is perfect for new gym goers and avid gym goers alike. If you’re looking for a transformational training program, accountability, guidance, and a tight-knit community, then this is the right membership for you.
  • Your membership includes 6 training sessions per week, limited to 1 session per day
  • You have access to all available equipment in the gym
  • We cap the sessions at 15 members to allow for social distancing and to keep equipment available as you need it
  • Cleaning supplies for equipment and face masks are provided 
  • 15 minutes between each session is allotted for the staff member to clean and sanitize the facility before the next session comes in


Drop In Session

  • Feel free to drop in to try your first class for $27
  • Drop in sessions are only available for metabolic classes (Hurricanes or Energy Classes – check our schedule for dates and times!)
  • Expires 7 days after purchase


20 Session Pack

  • Access to all Open Gym time slots
  • Great for members who can’t commit to many sessions per week
  • Expires in 8 months

20 Session Pack


10 Session Pack

  • Access to all Open Gym time slots
  • Great for members who can’t commit to many sessions per week
  • Expires in 4 months



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